Girona acclimate the city-themed ‘Game of Thrones’

The Tourist Board and the City of Girona promote different tourist products to make the most of the filming of ‘Game of Thrones’. In summer, the producer HBO chose Girona as the main stage for filming the sixth season. The willingness of both institutions is to create products such as theater visits, press trips and special routes bloggers or identifying places where the series was shot to attract tourists. To achieve this, it will seek the involvement of restaurants and shops. Earlier, will be key to see new episodes premiere in April–to find out what parts are more easily identifiable. Moreover, Girona has asked the Gala hosted by the Michelin Guide 2016 and the agreement is practically closed.

Girona is one of the main stages of the sixth season of ‘Game of Thrones’, one of the most successful television products worldwide, followed by millions of viewers. The Tourist Board and the City of Girona do not want to miss the opportunity to make this tourist resort in a hook to attract more visitors.

Girona hosted Monday, April 25, the premiere of the first episode of the sixth season ofGame of Thrones, which broadcasts exclusively in Spain Movistar +. More than 1,100 fans of the series were the Girona Municipal Theatre to see “The red woman,” the first episode of the season, and the documentary Movistar + J c of Thrones T6. Travel to Spain, which tells how the shooting took place in Girona and other locations. Only in Girona, the direct economic impact of the filming was 3.5 million.

Besides the two passes Chapter projected Theatre, the day featured several activities related to the opening. Among them, the presence of the Iron Throne Series + Movistar took to Girona. For two days -Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th April- the throne could be visited on the ground floor of the Municipal Theater, allowing fans of the series to sit there and make them a photo.

The results achieved by this activity demonstrate their success, as more than 1,000 users have registered, of which 58% are women against 42% of men. Almost 20% of these participants have come from other places in Girona as Barcelona or Andorra.

Also, the total number of users, 60% received the photo in the throne by email and the remaining 40% through Facebook. Those who have chosen social network to share the photo, had a total of nearly 160,000 contacts, making the action came to 1,742,429 impressions.

Moreover, the 1213 photos published with the application responsible for this activity, interactions have reached 10,760, of which 88.82% (9557) were generated through “likes” and 11.18 % (1203) through comments.

The premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones has been carried out in parallel with the celebration of the Fest Series Plot Girona seriéfilo and meeting point for industry professionals, thanks to the contribution of Movistar + projected series of great international repercussion such as Borgen, House of Cards, Penny Dreadful or Outlander,among others. In the first edition, the festival has managed to gather nearly 1,000 spectators.

In addition, it has also held the market “Game of Thrones” on Pallol Square, where they have released several products related to the series; Girona City Council has been decorated with motifs of the series, and have carried out shows at Red Square with actors characterized by characters in Game of Thrones.